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Mmm yes tease me just like that lixu69


Mmm yes tease me just like that lixu69

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(.Y.)lesbian blog(.Y.)


(.Y.)lesbian blog(.Y.)

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So fucking hot.

"I need to taste her. To inhale her scent. To feel her skin sliding beneath my tongue. I need her."

Somewhere in the process of getting me into the bathroom, she had slipped my tank top down and removed my bra with a snap of her fingers. But her clothes remained in place and I was dying to rid her of each garment, my skin itching to feel hers directly on my own. I was growing increasingly more anxious by the second and I know she could sense it but right now she was calling the shots and I had no say in how this would pan out.

To be honest, I was fine with that…

Her soft lips snapped me out of any anxiety I was feeling.

"Shhhh. Close your eyes." She whispered, her tongue working its way up my body.

Between the swell of my breasts…

Up my throat…

Over my chin…

My eyes shut as I absorbed the moment. I couldn’t believe it…after all the time I’d tried convincing myself that I wasn’t attracted to her, when in reality I knew damn well I was crazy for her, here I was naked and backed up against the counter with her mouth practically eating me alive.

As her arm banded around my waist pulling me closer and her mouth met mine, I felt like I would explode with elation. My lips turned up at the corners as I savored the flavor of her lips, a sense of victory and excitement beginning to ooze through my entire being.

Fucking finally.

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